Proof of a Multiverse

How would we prove that we live in a multiverse? If our universe collided with another, it would offer some evidence — though it’s unclear whether we would survive to study it.

There are many stories and evidences to support this theory. Although some of them don’t even make any sense, I think everyone must have come across this post while scrolling, what if our universe is just a science project made by an alien school student which got a B-. They are hilarious and I really hope they’re just some stories.

On the other hand there are stories like Taured mystery:A man from another dimension bearing a passport from the nonexistent country of Taured showed up at a Japanese airport in the 1950s and then mysteriously vanished. Or stories like the universe in which the Beatles never broke up.

Well they’re just some stories overly exaggerated or fabricated by someone who was really bored. But if you really wanna know the truth, just do one thing, be as smart as Rick Sanchez (you can’t, he is THE SMARTEST BEING alive)

~ Chetan Bera (19BEE1184)