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Hi everyone! We at the English Literary Association (LitSoc) of VIT Chennai are glad to present our very own blog. You can read amazing poems and stories here!
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Looming wooden tower of forever flame
Guards the rocky coast of tearing winds,
Eternal shadows loom under the cutting water,
Moving, seething, waiting.

Looming tower of hope for the lost,
The only solitary source of life from the land,
Sweeping the seas for human moments,
Glowing, burning, searching.

Looming tower of a silent flame,
The sea stretches to everywhere any way,
A voice, a beacon to the way,
Whispering, leading, promising.

Looming tower of masked calling,
The shifting sands bury a few shadows,
Unknowing sailor glamoured by the torch,
Close your eyes when you dock.

~Sudiksha Smriti (21BLA1030)

There once was an old lighthouse

That stood at the rocks on the beach

Its paint chipping, as if gnawed by a mouse

With its bright glow so far out of reach

Atop stood a maiden with eyes like the sea

Her long, black hair flowing in the breeze


Thunder claps, blue and ivory,

Bejeweling jagged mineral with desire,

Lucid emeralds longing to be dreamt away,

While glimmering crystals shed crystalline tears

Fog grows, undisturbed and unkempt,

On the rose swirl, unpigmented,

Thorns and bloom lay await,

Frightened, towards nightly call

Song and trills, an unheard conundrum,

Of blood and lust, and a drone, the like,

Veiled by terror, an unholy sight,

The beacon crowd, a motley crew

Against the crows, starry dove,

Scales of fish, a heart of snow,

The lie vast, a truth slowly,

Blighted bright for a dim, lowly

Ink away the blotted white,

Lock away, golden key,

Spin around, putrid blood, disease bright,

Solitary wail, the paths loom


I saw furniture in the hallway, and the bustle about,

I watched you climb into the truck with your family,

It’s just another Saturday afternoon, isn’t it?

But it seems we are neighbors no more.

I don’t know your name;

I never asked, and you never said

But your curt smile was seldom cold

Maybe we could have been the best of friends,

Many a memory we could have shared

But now you leave, far away

To a place I shall not know

All I know is we are neighbors no more

~Jahnavi Menon(20BPS1056)

Love thy neighbor

Through every complaint,

Through the nauseating smell

Of freshly applied paint.

“Your music is too loud,”

He’d angrily bark.

While his nightly soap operas

Rang through the dark.

At six in the morning,

Through his songs of devotion.

My day would abruptly

Be set in motion.

Still, a grumpy old man,

Though, he may have been.

He would tell me his stories

With the widest of grins.

With every cricket match

He was once more a boy.

With the loudest of cheers

And eyes full of joy.

On every festival day,

He’d give us a treat.

Our very own selection

From a barrel full of sweets.

So love thy neighbor

For his every mistake.

For underneath his exterior

He might be but a snowflake.

~Samhruth A(21BCE1791)

She woke up to the usual sound of sirens in the distance. Rubbing her eyes, she opened them to the red musty air and turned to her nightstand. Ah, quick the first dose is very important and must be taken right after waking up. She picked up the glistening small…

“We accept only cards, sir! “ said the robot in the cash counter. Sadly, I forgot my card at home. However I had my phone. Tapped on the app ‘Call my Robbo’. It’s a new gen app where a robo will do all the tasks you assign him, at free…

Wish I could undo
love that has filled my heart,
Which was once void of it.
But if that was so simple,
There wouldn’t have been
Pieces of broken heart scattered
All over the realm of lovers.

Wish I could undo
The numbness that my brain succumbs to,
When I hear your name.
But if that was curable,
There wouldn’t have been Myriad of lovers
Stuck on this drug called love.

Wish I could undo

The small tears that creeps up
Whenever my mind rewinds the memories of you.
But if that could be stopped,
There wouldn’t have been poets
With stories of love to write about.

Wish I could undo
Myself and turn into stars
So I can always watch over you.
But if that was practical,
There would’ve been more stars
Than ever before.

~T.Rathannidhi Kumaran (19BME1218)

The other day I was waiting at a red signal, looking out at the traffic around and noticed a couple on a motorbike to my left. They looked nearly a decade older than me but somehow younger, more alive in a way I couldn’t quite pinpoint.

Then I realised they…

“Ah not again”, Paravi groaned as packages fells from her shopping cart. She bent down to pick the stuff up quickly, but two hands were already picking them up.

“Here, I’ll get it for you”, the stranger said.

“It’s okay. You don’t have to, the stuff is pretty heavy.”, Paravi…


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